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Keith & Joan Fox

Keith and Joan have been potters for more than 25 years and the Broken Wheat pattern that they originated back then is still their most popular glaze.

Broken Wheat uses a white stoneware, that when fired, will develop very few iron speckles. After the initial firing, the pot is dipped into a matte white glaze and

the stylized wheat is hand brushed on. The rims are then brushed with cobalt blue stain. It is high fired in a gas kiln to give it durability.

All the pieces are perfectly fine in the microwave, domestic oven and dishwasher and their entire line is available in any of the new colours.

Pieces included are dinnerware, serving pieces and decorative items.


The tile above indicates that friendly people live here.


The symbols on these tiles are from the days of the Great Depression. When travelers or "Hobos" were passing through, they often left a drawing on a fence or barn to indicate to others how they were treated. For example the tile above indicated a kind hearted woman lived in the house.

The tile above told others that they could sleep in the hay loft.

The 2 shovels indicates that you will find work here. 

The house sign meant that the house was well guarded.

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