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Leslie Bergeron


Through many years of exploration with this technique, I’ve been fascinated by the challenge of attempting to control this vital essence of nature- The Fire!




Although the fire itself is uncontrollable, my challenge is to use its full potential meanwhile NOT RELYING on its magnificent effects to create FOR ME. As an artist it is my position as the “creator,” to work with and understand my partner.  This challenge alone has driven me for almost two decades in the search for our balance together.



My “Vessels” are not only a result of the process. My forms are built on an initial foundation of Contrast- sharp against soft, smooth against texture, light against dark, wide against narrow, fun against serious. I challenge myself with the form itself before allowing the fire to make its indelible imprint on my highly designed surfaces It is this never ending challenge that holds my purpose, my struggle to a piece of “Exquisite Nature.”  My mind is my influence, the drive is the flame.




Due to the nature of the raku process, Leslie's pieces are impossible to duplicate. The pieces pictured on this web site are samples only. Most have been sold. New pieces are always available. Please call us for more information on what is currently available.


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